About Us

NDL Construction – Trust, Integrity and Experience

NDL Construction Ltd. is a highly experienced construction company with expertise in a wide range of projects. Since its incorporation in 1974, NDL has worked extensively in Northern Canada , Manitoba and Ontario as well as in the United States and Germany.

Trust and integrity are the cornerstones on which the company has been built. NDL’s success can be attributed to the close partnering relationships the company has developed within the communities in which it works. NDL is comfortable working in many variations of contract relationships – design/build, joint ventures, tendered – and is capable and proficient in both complex and simple construction.

Specialists at Remote Location Construction

Most of NDL’s early work was conducted in Nunavut, from as far south as Sanikiluaq on the Belcher Islands to Nunavut’s most northern locations. NDL’s broad experience in working in the North has given the company logistics involved in the successful completion of such projects.

Construction in remote locations requires the shipment of material by barge, or by winter road. On occasion, NDL has been required to construct its own winter road to transport supplies. The short time that winter roads are passable can limit the amount of time available for the transportation of material and equipment. Often, supplies and equipment must be airlifted to the construction site. Early in its history NDL invested in the infrastructure required to work in remote areas, including the purchase of its own aircraft. Such foresight has greatly benefited NDL’s northern clients, and the project’s the company has managed.

Broad-based Experience

NDL’s experience is broad-based and extensive, including the design and construction of many types of buildings – schools, arenas, housing units, nursing stations, airport terminals, office buildings, commercial complexes, stores, churches and more. The company is equally capable of designing and constructing wood-frame, concrete block, or metal buildings.

As a franchise builder for VP Buildings, a quality pre-engineered steel building manufacturer, NDL has the capability of providing attractive, practical and economic alternatives for a multitude of non-residential building projects. Among other advantages, the VP Buildings pre-engineered system affords the flexibility to incorporate various exterior finishes, reduced time in design and construction, and the ability to design for future expansion.

In the early 1990s, NDL expanded the scope of its expertise to include infrastructure work. Projects have included: installation of sewer and water pipes; crushing and hauling of gravel; construction and repair of existing roads; construction of water treatment and sewage treatment plants; construction of lagoons; and construction of a ring dyke around a flood-prone community.

Challenging the Future

Since NDL was first incorporated the company has sought, and continues to seek, challenging projects in an effort to diversify its range of experience. NDL has extended its reach into new areas and regions of Canada and the world, and in the process has expanded its considerable expertise. This approach has opened the door to a variety of construction opportunities around the world in both infrastructure and building construction.

NDL Facts

Ownership – NDL is a privately owned, 100% Canadian company.

Banking – NDL has worked with the main branch of the Royal Bank of Canada in Winnipeg since the mid 1980s. This relationship includes a line-of-credit adequate to cover all the company’s needs.

Bonding – All NDL’s insurance and bonding requirements are arranged through the Winnipeg offices of AON Reed Stenhouse. NDL is capable of procuring the necessary bonding for its clients’ needs.

Experience – NDL has been involved in construction projects on sites in southern Manitoba, in remote areas of Canada, in the U.S., Europe, These projects represent a wide array of building and infrastructure construction.